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August 06 2017

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what’s your brand of tired rn


I brok out of prison!!!! (Escapists)

tim to slep~~

lov u all my darlings! Might linger on skypes~~



















a flat-earther just followed me and i literally blocked them…….. i really am that petty

When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.

this is so funny apparently when you piss off a flat-earther they start quoting george rr martin at you

Globecucks out in full force today I see.

globecuck, better known as “not a huge dumbass” lmao

Says the one who thinks that we are standing upside down on a floating space ball. Ok honey💅

someone actually typed this out on their keyboard and was like “this makes sense,, this is such a good roast,,, oo got ‘im” like bye you sound like my friend in elementary school that believed in fairies but not dinosaurs

> being this smug about thinking that we live on a ball while magically not falling off

holy fuck this person doesn’t know what gravity is ghdjdjsmhshsjsjsh

Flat earthers are wild man half of them actually think gravity doesn’t exists and the other half believe NASA is a fake agency that has CGI’d all of their pictures to trick us all into thinking the world is round. And then there’s those people who believe both of these things and that the edge of the world is a giant ice cliff that has been guarded by the military since the 1960’s lmao

hey flat earthers if the world is flat what the fuck is on the other side

Hey flat earthers. Dig me a hole. Dig me a hole so deep that you can see the other fucking side . Prove me wrong . Do it. Do it or go back to the fucking first century you ass hats.

I think I love you.

But the earth is round!…. like a pancake

Oh god, that reminds me of one that said the mental foramen on a Neanderthal skull were clearly the result of bullets, so obviously it was a modern skull and we’ve all been lying to you.

Look, if the earth was flat, cats would have long ago shoved everything off the edge. end of argument. you’re welcome.

I’m just stuck on globecuck.

Globe. Cuck.

i’d like to present this as exhibit #2236 as to why this planet needs more funding for education, specifically education in the sciences and programmes that advance student’s ability for critical thinking

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nobody ever said he’s speaking English… right?

shout out to @tripnipalex for the Spanish! Love ya buddy! (translation below)

Keep reading

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Friday, August 4: Character Development

From failed assassination to close friends and lovers, Zevran and the Warden go through a lot together. How do they change in that time?

While not in the game, Wolve’s story involved many of the unchosen wardens. Including Sana Amell, who fell to blood magic in desperation to defend herself and her friends.

Zevrans attacks were much more thought out in my story too, including poisoning drinks… and tipping off the templars to a runaway maleficar.

Time may not heal all wounds, but in time, one can slowly forgive.

See my art early, support me on Patreon!

Do not steal, repost, or alter in any way.


here’s a psa

to remind people that tumblr is actually the absolute fucking worst & & i feel like i have to explain myself a bit when it comes to things like this, usually because it makes me anxious that people will assume or misinterpret. so, i’d just like to remind people that:

  • tumblr eats asks & & submits of all sorts
  • tumblr eats even messages sent through tumblr im
  • tumblr eats notifications day & & night
  • tumblr eats tags & & posts & & queue & & drafts no matter how many times you beg it not to
  • tumblr eats absolutely everything

so if i send you repeats of the same asks, memes or messages, sometimes it’s because i’m afraid tumblr ate them in the first place & & you never got them. if i message you asking you if you got my previous message it’s not a bitchy omg why aren’t you answering me it’s legit because i’m worried tumbr ate my message. if i never respond to that starter or that reply or some other thing you tagged me in, sometimes it’s because i never got the notification. if i send you a link with a starter i wrote or notify you that i wrote you something or replied to something or tagged you in something like the day of, it’s not because i’m chasing after you for activity, it’s because i’m worried you never got the notification. 

i’m writing this because i want to keep people from thinking that i’m hounding you or trying to make you pay attention to me by spamming you or some other really annoying reason that makes me out into a super creepy stalker, i swear, it’s only because i’ve had this happen to me multiple times on both ends. i just worry a lot & & i know many others do, so here’s a psa to dispel some of those notions & & make roleplaying a bit more understandable in light of tumblr glitches ! !

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m in a really good place. I’ve never been happier and content. Plus my friend just got a new kitty.

My life is complete

I am absolutely dumbfounded. I’ve been on Tumblr for about 6 years and i’ve been producing original content for the past two years straight and nothing on this website has surprised me more than here post. In case you’re new here 
( you probably are; my follower count almost doubled thanks to this post lol) I specialize in landscape photography with the occasional dispense of good vibes. 

I’ve taken pictures like this


Traveled to places like this


stayed up all night studying the milky way like this


Dabbled in mind bending creativity like this


Even visited different countries like Italy


But none of my posts have ever been as successful as this selfie with a cat


Conclusion; The internet is a weird place and every body definitely needs more kitties in their life. Feel free to check out my original photography and my INSTAGRAM and maybe shoot me a question if you want anything answered. 

Have an absolutely beautiful day everyone :)

Hey Guys,

Karl here. remember that one time I had a smol kitty on my shoulder? literally the cutest creature I ever experienced. Well her’s the thing. I’m currently exploring a round Australia. I’m here photographing some of the most magical landscapes I’ve ever seen. While I was exploring around the Grampians national park, I stumbled on this little friendly fella who approached me and started playing

That’s right….. He’s whispering cute nothings into my ear lol

Not sure if he’s a wallaby or a kangaroo could someone please let me know.

Also his name is jeff and he’s my bestfriend

For everyone still asking, Just want to let you guys know; Yes, I’m still in a really good place. I’ve never been happier and content. Especially when smol animels are your friends.
My life is even more complete

▪️ Karl-Shakur  ▪️ Instagram 

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//Highlight of my night ^u^


July 04 2017

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Just add colour, no-one can tell how bad the lineart is then.

  • Hey youtube keeps changing up it’s TOS, to actually make any profit I need to get 10,000 views on my channel.
  • To get my OWN url that’s easy to share, I need to get 100 subs.

I’m currently at just over 1000 views, if people go to my youtube and watch a video or two, it’s at least one extra view towards success, if you like what you see, subscribe, otherwise I’m fine with just the views.

Check out my youtube here!

(And if you guys could reblog an spread this around, I’d be super grateful!)



Fun game for ladies: In front of a geeky dude, say “Silence, Earthling! My name is Darth Vader! I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan!”

If he gets all mad, condescendingly explains to you why you’re wrong, or starts talking about that “fake geek girl” nonsense, not only do you know that you should stay far, far away from him, but you also get to tell him he’s one to talk about people not having enough nerd cred

Because you just watched a “Back to the Future” reference fly straight over his head

dont you mean mcfly over his head

July 03 2017

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FRIDA KAHLO ‘Heroine of Pain’





love yo all babs x_x

Ps; kicking @KSClaw ‘s ass in art fight. 144 points beatch, read ‘em and weep.



have u ever met someone so terrible that it makes u a better person like u learn from mistakes that you haven’t even made purely from observing them, thank you for being so obnoxiously terrible, please don’t ever interact with me again

update: i’m no longer plagued by the presence of the person i wrote this about nine months ago, reblog this now and you too can banish your unloved ones within nine months 

Seriously I find 0 point in trying to maintain a friendship if I’m doing all the work and you’re not trying at all. Life’s too short to waste on one-sided relationships and I have better things to do.

July 02 2017

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‘LOVING VINCENT,’ an Animated Film Featuring 12 Oil Paintings per Second by Over 100 Painters

‘Loving Vincent’ will be the world’s first feature length painted animation, with every shot painted with oil paints on canvas, just as Van Gogh himself painted. Written & Directed by Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman, produced by Poland’s BreakThru Films & UK’s Trademark Films.  The film is scheduled for a 2017 release.

  • “Every one of the 65,000 frames of the film is an oil-painting hand-painted by 125 professional oil-painters who traveled from all across Europe to the Loving Vincent studios in Poland and Greece to be a part of the production.”
  • “The film was first shot as a live action film with actors then hand-painted over frame-by-frame in oils. The final effect is an interaction of the performance of the actors playing Vincent’s famous portraits, and the performance of the painting animators, bringing these characters into the medium of paint.”
  • “Loving Vincent is an investigation delving into the life and controversial death of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world’s most beloved painters, as told through his paintings and by the characters that inhabit them,”
  • “The intrigue unfolds through interviews with the characters closest to Vincent and through dramatic reconstructions of the events leading up to his death.”


I’m so tired, and its so cold I can see my breath… imma snuggle up and sleep

love you all <3

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Buddha Statues’ Heads: What it actually means.

Yesterday, I went shopping at Homegoods with my mom for some interior decorations and a few gifts. And what do you know: Buddha’s heads, either in brass and sold as “antique” or dipped in bright neon paint. My mom shook her head in disapproval and laughed. This really got my mind thinking that shoppers have literally no clue what these statues’ heads are really about.

This really got my mind thinking about that Thai movie “Ong-Bak“ about how a group of thieves decapitated a Buddha statue’s head  & how a Muay Thai skilled warrior volunteered to return it before it is sold in the black market. Cutting off that religious statue’s head is seen as an act of vandalism & violence. It is one of the utmost disrespectful marks one could do in the religion. The original heads were stolen from respected places of worship. Cutting off Buddha statues’ heads have been happening for who-knows-how-long originally by greedy thieves.

And now they are replicated into fashion statements or interior decorating. They really have such a dark history behind them that nearly a lot of people had forgotten. (None of those pictures belong to me.)

The Buddha bust, usually in a faux Thai or Indonesian style, is one of the ugliest and most ignorant bourgeois accoutrements one can posses. Not only is it a bland and obvious attempt to purchase the appearance of spiritual depth, its presence immediately belies a total ignorance of the context and history of Buddhist images themselves!
A severed Buddha head, plundered from Borobudur, in the corner of a gentleman’s study is a romantic relic from a bygone age when the world considered genocide and forced military conquest a viable means of affairs. To keep a stolen cultural artifact as a trophy is to deny a sovereign people access to their own cultural heritage to satisfy one’s own ego.
That the idea of the severed Buddha head as decoration flourishes today is a disappointing remainder that the aesthetics marketed towards the middle class are a cheaper version of those objects collected by the wealthy, further divorced from their original context.

The Buddha is not an accessory or a complement for your decor. 

Reblogging for historical context I didn’t know about.

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Just add colour, no-one can tell how bad the lineart is then.

  • Hey youtube keeps changing up it’s TOS, to actually make any profit I need to get 10,000 views on my channel.
  • To get my OWN url that’s easy to share, I need to get 100 subs.

I’m currently at just over 1000 views, if people go to my youtube and watch a video or two, it’s at least one extra view towards success, if you like what you see, subscribe, otherwise I’m fine with just the views.

Check out my youtube here!

(And if you guys could reblog an spread this around, I’d be super grateful!)

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