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January 31 2018

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Playing Pretend

I love ferelden frost far far too much. I need to make a comic for it. (I’ve technically got a few comics on here already lol)

(Second picture is meant to be a gif, tumblr might kill it though)

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There are cities in the UK that have free vending machines for homeless people. Local shelters hand out access cards to people in need, who can use the vending machine 3 times a day to get free food, toiletries, and clothing. As long as the cardholder checks into the shelter once a week, they can keep using the machine. Source Source 2

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*googles number i dont recognize calling me instead of answering*

November 18 2017


He dug around his pockets for a few moments before pulling out a half full box of plasters and offering it to Jade. “You actually got me on one of the days I’m wearing the simple ones. The box after these has frog puns all over them…” Might have been her loss actually. The sillier ones usually made him smile at least, maybe they’d have helped her feel less anxious.

“I’ve seen a few frogs… I wanted to try and catch one b-but they’re scared of me,” she laughed nervously. “Or maybe they’re always… jumpy.” A weak giggle, she didn’t often make puns, well, never really. She didn’t see herself as funny so… 


“The tattoo? It’s a symbol of Sylaise, the Dalish goddess of the domestic arts.”


“Behold! The Hero of Ferelden, the glorious mess of a Dalish turned corrupted Warden.”


“I’m not okay and I’m so, so tired of pretending i am.”


“He’s not good for me, I know that. But anythings better than going back to what I had.”


“I can hear you talking behind my back. If you don’t want me to hear it, don’t whisper so close to me.”


“I protect him, even though he’s stronger…. I think I got cheated on this deal.”


“I’m not alone, I have the fearlings, the shadows, the Nightmares… Papa…”


“Don’t tell Zev, but I’m divorcing him, my new partner is this goat.”


“It’s funny, everyone t-thinks he’s the one pushing people away… but nope,” she slurred. “Everyone just leaves on their own!!”

//Needing to art but no ideas


He made a bit of a face at the injuries. “Sounds like an awful momento… I have real bandages if you want?” Finishing the arrangements on the board he used his powers to draw his own cup closer to him. “I’d suggest you ask Phoenix to heal it but fae’s not in the mood to talk to either of us at this time…”

“Y-yeah I… I don’t think that’d be the best idea,” Jade mumbled. On top of not knowing where they ran off to (probably for the best, if that other her took over again,) she knew she wouldn’t be welcome… at least for a long time.

“I-if you want, I mostly use shadow bandages but if you think it’ll help.”

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Pencil Meme (Jamie) || Detailed; Done

Another 7 month old pencil meme, found some even older memes in my inbox today, I feel so bad!


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Get them seen, give them encouragement, help give artists a creative drive and keep them aspiring to improve

this is important

 @alldrawnup @muskka @bluetrashsins

for everything you guys do for me. Your love and support. Right back atcha bitches… love you guys

ah, @skele-smol, you’re so sweet ;w; 



November 17 2017

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Another Icon || Detailed; Done

After seeing ‘Dressed for the Part’, someone requested another creepy pasta on the spectrum, this time for pansexuality! I was all too happy to comply!

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tabletop, swapping to mobile

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