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May 21 2018

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It is because a man cries
until his tears dry up ;
That he becomes a monster.










its weird being 18, 19, 20 in 2016 because i remember going into kindergarten and seeing those chunky ass giant computers at the desk and then going through school while technology rapidly develops and graduate in a world where people can have the entire internet and more just in their pocket like idk its so strange to me

sorry to add to the post but I remember in 5th grade when they invented the “smart whiteboard” and my school won one for the library and everyone lost their shit because they were so expensive and I graduated high school last year and by the time I graduated every single classroom had one. Watching technology go from glitchy and expensive to powerful and affordable within less than ten years continues to blow my mind

no but also like owning a flip phone was the Coolest Shit™ and you could take photos(???) and it was like so incredible, and it was all fun and games until you pressed the key for THE INTERNET and you knew you’d be charged so you pressed that cancel key eighty times and prayed to god that he’d take mercy on you…and then iphones became a thing and it was like unreal

Going from vcrs and huge roll in tvs to streaming the movie online and projecting that onto the smart board within the span of 5-10 years.

ok but do you guys remember before proper projectors were put in there was the overhead projector that could only read clear plastics and it projected using light and mirrors


remember when you got your first phone, and it had monoton/polyphone ringtones=? OR THE FIRST TIME YOU COULD ACTUALLY PUT A SONG AS YOUR RINGTONE 1:1 that was such a huge thing…..Also the first phones with coloured displays, 100x100px photos……god what a time….

I remember before iPods became a thing and I was in like 5th grade and I got a Walkman CD player (because regular CD players would skip and shit if you moved them too much and walkmans were like A+ technology that you could listen to CDs on the go) and I had like the whole case of CDs I’d take with me everywhere. Then iPods became the new norm and everyone’s mind was collectively blown

My great-grandmother went from being the first house in town to have electricity to emailing her cross-national friends in her lifetime.


“I know what I’ll do. I’ll buy a bunch of those little meat eating plants, and then put them in unexpected places. As a surprise for both the Captain and for Jade.”

“First place: the Captain’s liquor closet.”



Jade, hugging like, three man eating plants that are idly chewing on her fingers. “This is why you’re my favourite~”

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Right Behind You || Important Vlog || Speedpaint

Activities dropped as of late, I don’t think schools started up again overseas, but… I’m not willing to give up, I’m not willing to drop videos, or restrict how much I post or WHAT I post.

I’ll draw what I want, what I enjoy, art is meant to be fun, so that’s what I’ll do, have fun ^^


(Feel free to leave a like, comment, or if you want more speedpaints, subscribe!)



deaf accents are beautiful and its okay to struggle with accepting yourself! u dont need to change for anyone!!

hearing ppl can reblog btw. support deaf ppl!






Couples receive “parent points”, which they can use to purchase their children. Most parents wait for a few thousand, but you chose to buy the cheaper, 100 point child.

Shane knows what it’s like to be a 100 point child. He knows how it feels to see potential parents–potential families–come through the facilities doors, faces bright with excitement. He knows how it feels to see them reading the little plaques on the nursery doors, scanning the lists there for the right bits of knowledge and etiquette and grace that they want their baby to have.

He knows how it feels to see their faces pinch outside the window before they hurry to the next room.

Shane grew up in a 100 point nursery. They had torn, ratty, books and no teachers, and when snack time came, the tray was pushed through a slat in the door. They were called “unruly” and “damaged” and “stupid.” A lot of the other kids threw tantrums and broke furniture (and sometimes other kids). A lot of the other kids went quiet after the first few years when they realized they’d never be adopted until they were old enough (or pretty enough) to be useful. A lot of the kids cried and didn’t stop until they got taken away or were aged out.

Shane’s grown up a lot since aging out. He put himself through school, got himself a job, shed his 100 points like the torn clothes he’d left the facility in. He’s powerful now, successful, and he’s grown out of the twisted nose, big ears, and gap-toothed smile that had made him one of the less attractive 100 point babies. Or maybe he’s grown into them. Who’s to say?

It’s taken him a long time to get enough Parent Points to do what he wants. Being a man is, for once, somewhat hindering as most of society equates “parental” with “maternal.” He’s lost count of how many social workers have politely hid expressions of surprise when he told them he wanted to adopt stag, that he’s willing to take the classes, get the grades, make the oaths to get even one Parent Point.

Keep reading

shane loves all his 100 point children more than anything else in the world

I legitimately just started crying. So beautiful, thank you for sharing this!!!!

One of my favorite prompt responses. I love the art that comes with it!

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Have you ever seen something, and realized that it is something you've wanted your entire life and not realized it?





Don’t invite me anywhere last minute I enjoy doing nothing so I need to know ahead of time if my plan to do nothing needs to be changed

This is legit and people don’t realize it.

“hey what are you doing?”
“oh great! so you are avaliab-”
“no you don’t understand. I’m doing nothing.” 

I’m doing nothing. Actively. It’s important.


I actually love the ungrateful millennial trope, because I went to the V&A today and took a lot of photos of statues’ butts, and it tired me out, so I went to the café and had a cup of tea. In the V&A café, there’s a piano that customers can just use without asking, and a man sat down at it and started to play. I know nothing about music, but it sounded great to me.

At the table next to me was an old couple, probably in their late 60s, and the man kept tutting and sighing as the chap played, and I heard him mutter to his wife, “this is a [insert musty dead white composer here], there should be more MELODY,” and he just kept griping.

Now, to me, an ignorant and uncultured millennial, it just seemed super cool that we were essentially getting a free piano accompaniment to our Earl Grey, and so I stayed a while to listen, because this guy had some balls getting up there to play in front of us all, and I wanted him to feel appreciated. I also live tweeted it, and the old man kept glaring at me for being on the phone. I kid you not.

When he was done, we all (including the grumpy old man) applauded for him, and he looked really surprised. I thought I’d let him know how much I loved it, because I have terrible social anxiety and am trying to get out of my shell a bit, so I approached him and said “I know nothing about music, but I really enjoyed hearing you play,” and he BEAMED.

Turns out that he’s a concert pianist over from Toronto and we essentially got treated to a free preview of his concert tomorrow night. We chatted for a bit and then I left, and the old couple still looked really grouchy.

But hey. Ungrateful millennials!!











*sees broom*

*picks up broom*


*starts sweeping broom sadly*

“There is a castle on a cloud…”

*holds broom horizontally*

“Never need a reason, never need a rhyme. Up on the roof top step in time!”

*sweeps broom angrily*


*begins waltzing with broom* I could have DAAAAANCED all NIIIIIGHT

*hits broom handle on the ground and tap dances* LOOK AT ME! IM THE KING OF NEW YORK!

*gently places broom against a wall* I’m the belle of the ball in my own little corner!

*broom starts dancing of its own accord*

so apparently musicals have a thing for brooms huh

we all love a sweeping musical number

Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own


Hello everyone! Just wanted to excitedly say that I’ve finally begun to post some RotG BlackIce Fan fiction on Ao3, so check it out if ya get the chance or are interested!

The warnings are in the tags and such since it’s a horror genre, so please leave a comment if you like it or would like to see more!

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This just in

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She only got fucking 3 to 5 years!!!! Racism isn’t real??? 

This is crazy…

I’m out.

This is what I’m thinking about every time they say a victim of police violence had xxxx in the system as justification.


Soooo…all them ppl that she sent to prison gon be released right???

^^^ my question too.

Did they ever release them? Bevause this was a while ago

Yes! Around 20,000 convictions in MA are being dropped due to this:

Epic Drug Lab Scandal Results in More Than 20,000 Convictions Dropped

How a lab chemist went from ‘superwoman’ to disgraced saboteur of more than 20,000 drug cases

Nearly 20,000 drug convictions dismissed over chemist’s misconduct

Chemist’s Misconduct Is Likely to Void 20,000 Massachusetts Drug Cases

She only got up to 5 fucking years for 20,000 CONVICTIONS???

She need 20,000 years

She should get all their sentences combined

3 Dogs Are Rebuilding Chilean Forests Once Devastated By Fire




The job to replant endless acres of forests seemed like a daunting endeavor. That is until three unusual workers took up the task. Six-year-old Das and her two daughters, Olivia and Summer are three Border Collies who have been trained to run through the damaged forests with special backpacks that release native plant seeds. Once they take root, these seeds will help regrow the destroyed area.   

A post shared by @balti_mom on Apr 16, 2017 at 6:51pm PDT

It turns out that Border Collies are an ideal breed for this specific type of job. Bounding through miles of forest terrain requires not only speed, intelligence, and endurance, but also a willingness to stay focused and not get distracted by wildlife. Border Collies were bred to herd sheep, so they’re not as likely to run after or hurt other animals in the forest.

This system is also more efficient than having people spread the seeds manually. These speedy canines can race through a forest and cover up to 18 miles a day. Humans, on the other hand, can only cover a few miles each day. These pups can scatter over 20 pounds of seeds, depending on the terrain. While robots or drones might be able to disperse seeds too, dogs aren’t as pricey to handle. Most importantly, they leave a lighter carbon footprint.

Francisca and Constanza put special backpacks on the dogs, fill them with native seeds and then it’s off to the races. Once the dogs have emptied out their bags, Francisca and Constanza give them plenty of treats, refill their bags, and release them again to dash around the destroyed forest, sprinkling more seeds in their wake. The end goal of all this, of course, is to restore the damaged ecosystem and have the wildlife return to the forests.


This is honestly incredible and I hope we continue to come up with creative and easy ways to restore ecosystems

We have to stop acting like dogs are angels








Okay so here’s the thing. I love dogs. Dogs are amazing wonderful creatures. But we have to stop acting like dogs are perfect, or safe to be around every one and every thing.

I just watched a gif of a man walking his dog when they came upon kittens. The dog immediately lunged - only to have the mother cat barrel in and scare the dog off. I was furious, because the owner sat and watched as his dog lunged at a kitten - and had to be beaten off of it by its mother.

In the comments people were discussing it, saying “That dog just wanted to play! He wasn’t going to actually *hurt* the kitten!”

And I’d really like us to stop this. 

“He just wants to say hi,”

“he’s just trying to play”

are two phrases commonly said by people who do not understand their dogs behavior, and make excuses for them.

That dog did not want to play. When dogs want to play, they change their body language and start using different behavior - most obviously the play bow. They sniff first, and get introductions out of the way. If your dog lunges for something the moment they set its eyes on it - they do not want to play. Just imagine, if you were a kid who had never met someone before and they just straight up attacked you. That would be different from someone walking up and saying “hey, do you wanna play/wrestle?”

And here’s the thing. There’s nothing wrong with that dog, it just should not be allowed around animals smaller than it. Cats, hamsters, rabbits, hedgehogs, even toy breeds of dogs, I wouldn’t consider safe. And thats OK! You can have a perfectly happy life with your dog never harming any animals as long as you know this and make sure to pay attention. But if that dog harms a kitten or other small animal, I blame the owner, who should have known better.

We have to be responsible owners and know our dogs. And as people, we need to stop making excuses for other animals and instead do our best to make sure everyone in the situation is safe, not just the dog who “just wants to play” or “was just trying to say hi”, while barreling straight for something.

Just because you love your dog doesn’t mean its not aggressive in specific situations. Doesn’t mean its safe for all to be around. Doesn’t mean its incapable of fault. 

This is also why you don’t let your dogs run freely around the neighborhood. You might think because your dog is friendly with your family and friends it will be friendly with everything else. Often times that isn’t so. Many dogs will attack anything close to it’s yard. Some will try to establish new territories. Some like mentioned above will attack anything smaller than it (a child or smaller animal). Dogs (and cats) will get in other people’s trash cans and causs huge messes attracting rodents and causing frustration to the neighbors.

I can’t let my kid go too far in OUR OWN yard without the fear of a dog attacking. If I want to walk around the neighborhood I have to carry a bat and put my kid in a wagon as precautions, because mant of the dogs are aggressive.

My poor dad is disabled and the jerks will literally watch their dogs piss, poop in the yard, and destroy the trash. It’s hard for my dad to bend down and constantly clean up those messes. I help when I can, but I work so I’m not always there to do it.

Many people lose pets because jerks won’t be responsible for their dogs. Many dogs die because coyotes are an issue were we live.

Then people get pissy when we put mouse traps or use BB guns to scare the dogs off (don’t worry we don’t hit them. The sound just scares them off. The mouse traps are too small to do damage). Trust me, we’re far more lenient than other disgruntled people (some actually injure or kill the dogs).

We love dogs, but irresponsible dog owners are a nightmare for us. We want to put a fence up that’s tons of money we don’t have.

In short, don’t be an asshole and think your doggie can do no wrong. Be responsible for your dogs.

Dogs may be domesticated but they are still animals. They’ll go off and do their own things and you can’t predict what all of those things will be or even if they’re going to be a danger to other people or even to themselves. They’re not baby little puppies who wouldn’t hurt a fly, they’re large animals with their own instincts and drives.

A dog that was allowed to roam around the neighborhood was the reason I was terrified of dogs until I was like 22 years old. I knew dogs, I knew dogs’ body language. The owner tried to tell me he “just wanted to play”. 

A dog that “just wants to play” does not bare it’s teeth and growl. It doesn’t chase you down the street at full speed. 

All this goes for smaller dogs too, by the way! I know the post doesn’t anywhere say that it’s big dogs only but a lot of people seem to think the Rules only apply to big dogs. Just because your dog is smaller doesn’t mean it can’t hurt someone or something! They’ve still got sharp teeth, they’re still descended from wolves.

When I was a kid there was a house between mine and the bus stop that had dachshunds, and I was absolutely terrified to walk past, which I had to every day, because they let the dogs run around in the front yard with no supervision, and they would often chase me all the way home, barking and growling. Watch your dogs and be aware of their behavior. That’s all it takes.

Can we also stop acting like it’s bad to intensely dislike dogs for all of those reasons? Can we accept that people who don’t like dogs aren’t heartless bastards who would love to kick puppies for fun but are, in fact, people who have a point?

In my old neighborhood, nobody took their dogs inside or prevented them from barking, which they did, constantly, and literally every yard adjacent to mine had a large dog, and most of the ones adjacent to THOSE, and so on.  If you stood outside, you could hear sometimes eight or 12 dogs barking, and on a quiet day it was “only” the dogs who could see me, which was usually around 4 or 5.  I’m mentally ill, I have insomnia, the constant noise was literally driving me crazy.  Neighbors didn’t care, cops did jack shit, animal control did jack shit, because “dogs will bark.”  I was miserable for 5 years, until we moved the fuck away from there.

People also just let their dogs run loose, ripping into people’s trash, shitting everywhere, and on one occasion, deciding OUR front yard was its territory and violently threatening us as we tried to go in OUR OWN front door.’’

In my current neighborhood, I was followed for 2 blocks by a very aggressive large dog who was growling and snarling, and every time I turned my back on the son of a bitch, he crept up closer to me, which was scary as shit.  No owner in sight, though it was evident which house he belonged to.  Now I don’t want to walk down that street because I’m pretty sure I could take down a dog, but I’m also pretty sure I couldn’t do it without getting hurt, bad.

In the old neighborhood, my cat, a relic from the previous owner who could not be brought inside but who kept to our own yard, was mauled and killed by two wandering dogs who forced their way into our yard, which neighborhood dogs often did, for reasons that confuse me to this day. So I got to watch a cat I had helped bring into the world by one back foot die painfully because some chucklefuck let his dangerous dogs loose in the street.

I walk my cat on a leash keeping him inside my own front yard.  Passing dogs and the neighbor’s dogs have run at him, and I fully believe they would have hurt him if he hadn’t run first and I was between the dogs and him.

Oh, and let’s just add in the incredibly high number of dog owners who talk about their dogs chasing or attacking cats as though it was just “teehee aren’t dogs just a little crazy? he’s so excitable! such a strong prey drive! nobody’s getting into MY house!” Yeah, fuckface, your dog killing other people’s pets doesn’t mean it would help you if someone broke into your place.  It just means you’re an irresponsible asshole who doesn’t care about animals, or that you do actually specifically hate cats, which a lot of people do.

So no, dogs aren’t angels, I have good reasons not to like them, and I’m not a bad person.  I’m just FED UP.

I own two smaller scotties myself, and while they can both be friendly, we *always* warn others that they might not always be talkative. (Sara loves kids and treats, and Malik is okay as long as he gets to sniff first before you pet him. But with other dogs, it really depends on the size and sometimes gender or if they’re neutered. Malik is also extremely territorial, and we do ours to keep him on a very short leash so he doesn’t start a fight, if he gets too close to other male dogs. ) Along with that, they have both had the misfortune of being attacked by larger dogs. Once when Sara was just a puppy, she and my mom were pounced on by a large lab, who pinned her, and my mom couldn’t do anything but yell at the dog to piss off while Sara lay on her back screaming, the damn thing hovering over her despite how she had submitted by lying on her back. It thankfully didn’t bite her, but Sara has been terrified of big dogs ever since. 

I was there for the second attack. As I was out walking my dogs, I saw a girl who couldn’t be more than 14 be out with a large dog. I don’t know what breed it was, but it was big, and as soon as it saw us, it tore after us, frikkin’ dragging the girl over the ground. We got off REALLY lucky somehow, because while the mutt bit Malik it only bruised him. It wasn’t the last time it tried going after Malik either, because it came by our house once with its other owner, a grown man, who *still* lost control of his dog and it nearly tore into our fence trying to get at my dogs.

We live in a new neighborhood now, where people have dogs and most are really understanding. There’s one guy I’ve met who has the best trained Retriever I’ve ever seen. We can walk right past, and while Malik might stare intensely and sometimes grumble, it completely ignores him. 

And then, there’s unfortunately dogs, who have owners that have no idea how their dogs will act. Mom and I were out walking our dogs just the other day, and we met a lady with a giant beast of a black dog. We spotted her and headed in the opposite direction, and she told us “you can walk by, he won’t do anything.” and her dog immediately started barking and snarling.

We decided to keep going another way, not wanting to take any chances.

Not everyone can a be super trainer like Retriever guy, but I do wish that people who get big dogs would also get their dogs trained, or at least follow the goddamn leash laws. 

Also, I haven’t experienced this personally, but my parents have. Keeping your dogs loose and able to walk the streets without your supervision CAN and WILL create packs. The only thing worse than one aggressive dog, is a group of them.

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Hang In There Baby! || Done

This was meant to be simple, and then I go off and torture myself. Very proud of the finished result though!

Textures used; x // x

See my art early, support me on Patreon!

Do not steal, repost, or alter in any way.

May 20 2018

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Right Behind You || Done

Activities dropped as of late, I don’t think schools started up again overseas, but… I’m not willing to give up, I’m not willing to drop videos, or restrict how much I post or WHAT I post.

I’ll draw what I want, what I enjoy, art is meant to be fun, so that’s what I’ll do, have fun ^^


See my art early, support me on Patreon!

Do not steal, repost, or alter in any way.


Everyone knows two giant carnivorous plants are better than one.

Anyway ^^ Love you all my darlings <3



“….But what does ground have to do with Princess have no fun and….”

“….Oh! OOoooh…oooh…..Das ist nicht nett. Pitchy wouldn’t do that, nope-ies.”

“Pitchy, she’s in trouble. Therefore she’s being punished….”

“Innocent as a lamb thank you, and as you’ll note, I actually use manners.”


“….But what does ground have to do with Princess have no fun and….”

“….Oh! OOoooh…oooh…..Das ist nicht nett. Pitchy wouldn’t do that, nope-ies.”

“He can’t ground me,the cooler dads wiil break me out like you and North.”

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